Enroll onto platform to create, issue and submit outstanding invoices to receive advance payments
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Rapidly integrate with existing backend systems and quickly access the invoice financing market
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Key Features

Set up Auto-Invest rules to match your liquidity institution’s risk and liquidity preferences, our machine learning algorithms will optimize matching of invoices to investor needs. Allocate % of available funds across the range of risk categories to achieve desired balance for portfolio diversification.


Leverage upon your existing network of Borrowers by automating your targeted email campaigns to different supplier distribution lists. Customize your communications and track effectiveness of campaigns open and click rate analytics.


Intelligent and proprietary credit decisioning system that improves as we scale with more data points from past invoice transaction history on the platform to accurately assess risk and forecast borrower’s ability to pay.


Real-time information display between liquidity institution and borrower throughout the invoice financing process, including: breakdown of invoice pricing, invoice status, recent activity timeline and messaging communications to streamline the borrower/lender relationship


Seamless integration of our white-labeled platform to your liquidity institution’s workflow with fully customizable user interface branding and application approval rules with our dynamic API and easy to use documentation


Our simple online portal allows you to access and manage your investment portfolio from anywhere in the world and on any device – mobile, tablet and desktop


An invoice financing marketplace that enables small businesses to receive upfront cash advance payments for their outstanding invoices to overcome short-term cash flow gaps so that they can focus on their core daily business operations. For Liquidity Institutions, Zuma Liquidity Solutions serves as a platform to make invoice financing a more cost-efficient, transparent and frictionless process – from borrower acquisition to credit decisioning and payment settlement. We make it more profitable to diversify your portfolio into invoices as an alternative low-risk asset class to gain interest yields.


What is invoice financing?

Invoice financing provides the opportunity for businesses to sell their accounts receivable at a discount in order to receive liquidity immediately.

How does it work?

  1. Apply online with a simple onboarding process in 5 minutes
  2. Integrate with your accounting application to sync invoices OR manually upload your invoices
  3. Once verified, a cash advance is transferred to your bank account

What do I need to sign up?

In order to sign up all you need are your company's essential documents including : last quarter's balance sheet, income statement, audited annual report for the previous fiscal year and your current contracts with your customers. OR connect with your accounting system

How do I get paid?

We pay directly into your Zuma bank account.

What can I integrate with?