Zuma emerged to address the large & under served lending market which is limited by high costs and lack of automation. Zuma’s automation enabled lending platform allows institutions to tap new markets, offering lenders the ability to focus on a particular sector. As a white-label product, Zuma is in discussion with banks and alternate liquidity providers that have expressed interest in the platform.

The lending marketplace will allow institutional investors to register and utilize auto-invest algorithms to match their institution’s risk & sector preferences, allowing for portfolio diversification. The marketplace will consist of 5 borrowing sectors:






For Liquidity Institutions, ZLS serves as a platform to make invoice financing a more cost-efficient and transparent process; from borrower acquisition to credit decisioning and payment settlement. We make it more profitable to diversify your portfolio into invoices as an alternative low-risk asset; the auto–invest machine learning algorithms match your institution’s risk preferences to invoice investments.